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The Dark Kingdom (T.E.A.R.) - text

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When arrive the doomsday
The Serpent arises between thunders and storms
Declaring an epoch of suffering
The making supplicates for jehova's troops
Now it is the time to annihilate all the mortals
The Serpent's army casts its spell
The death has come
You can't escape from our lethal spell
A day of eternal night
Intense eruptions and earthquakes
Mystic eclipses at sky
Armaggedon is near
The Serpent of 7 heads, 10 horns and 7 diadems
Leads a third of the army
Demons ride within the clouds killing his adversaries at firmament
O Evil Ascension Returns
A blasphemy of our lord
Hades shelteres the last survivors of the bloodshed
It wasn't enough the effort of jehova
The Original Serpent killed the archangel emmanuel
jehova and his impotent angels
They were smashed by astute Demons
The Dark Kingdom prevails to eternity
The return of sinister bestiality terrifies all the mortals
A thundering voice announces a new empire
Where only the evil and the eternal pleasure reign
Sacrificial death rites
Some corpses burn on the hellish bonfire
The reapers of evil look for the remains
Of all those who died in vain
Only the evil is real
Come see the magnificence of Satan's Reign
The Evil Ascension Returns

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