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Surrealistic visions of the new empire
The center of the world
To dominate the race. To control minds
To suffocate the mass
Limited intelligence. Prejudices of all forms - the method
To create a subrace of feeble-minded - their goal
In name of god, retrocede thee noxious creature
I am the cancer growing in your entrails
Respect the holy laws of the supreme being
Supreme in your kingdom of fear and lie
Who art thou? Atheist, satanist or what?
I'm the nightmare which you had never dreamed
I curse thee, in name of my lord
Changing the course of the wiser men's dream from the past
A world without boundaries, without wars, without leaders
Creating a reality which only serve for yourselves
Destroyers for the black poor
Saviours for the white rich
Oh shut thy face. I've heard enough
The truth sounds like thunders in your ears
We are dying, our empire fell through
But the wounds still aren't healed up
We are victims, lucifer deceived us...
Don't use it as a scapegoat to justify your crimes
I beg thy mercy for my excesses
Listen to the voice of one who you've hurted for centuries
Free from you - now we can breathe
Free from you - now we can think
Free from you - now we can dream
Free from you - now we can act
Triumph without blood
Victory without corpses
May we deal my defeat with thy victory to live together again?
It's a small world for me and you
All the heroes are dead. What doest thou wanna prove?
I shall free the last birds from the cage
Damned be thy existence and who have created thee
Your senseless words sounds like a joke for me
But, I still can save thy soul. Just give me all thy wealths
Why, simoniac ? I am free from you!!

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The World Is So Good That Who Made It Doesn't Live Here


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