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I only want to get next to you
to make you feel all right
cause girl you’re out-a-sight
to be the one you been thinkin’ of
before you go to sleep
before you fall so deep
yeah I’ve been watchin’ you for quite some time now baby
but I’m afraid to say
how much I love your way

you got that special glow about you
the way you carry yourself like a true woman
you got me lonely fiendin’ without you
and when our eyes connect
I feel so alive
infatuation over you
I get that feelin’ deep inside of me
just bein’ next to you
I don’t know what to do
I wish I knew what to say to you
but every time you’re near
back comes that dreadful fear
cause I don’t want to mess it up this time no
so Im’a take it slow
that’s the only way you’ll know
said when our eyes connect
I feel so alive
said when our eyes connect
I feel so high

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