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We're born a mind
An innocent heart that we run
Growing in ways
We can't identify

Seeing shapes & blinding colors
As a dream we keep what matters
Life beginning fate proceeding
Learning through a maze of miles
Time escapes us for awhile
Life proceeding concience breeding

We're born a heart
An innocent mind it's led by
Identified by the man
Who's left to find the way

Seeing walls in life ahead
Changes the paths we have led
Fate is leading life proceeding
Scattered the directions we go
Time & time again till we know
All the questions,deep reflections

And then we move on to another
phase of our journey...

A bit of understanding
A bit of reason we behold
And then a knowledge flowing
A comprehensiveness unfolds
To feel a change of seasons
That's when our senses really
grow,form,establish reason
Acknowledge your own expression

And there's the chances we take
Advantages of circumstance
And when our shadows follow
Sometimes we're looking back to see
A subtle concience hollow
And then our differences agree
Me & my shadow are whole

Well I was lost but now I've found
Sometimes the tragedies of life
Unfold the man, & then he sees
Sometimes the past is not what it's
meant to be, & in falling down
He scrapes the ground just to get
on his knees,that is his first step
to succeed,it's a transition

Lost in our lives,is it real or have we
Created dreams so hard to find
Sometimes the growth is meaningless
When you've left your life behind
But chasing is moving in a direction
When you redraw the lines
What do we ever know,do we really know?

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