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Man Made Master - text


You wanted total life,there's no answer now
Well your immortal dream's not so far away
Create your mastermind,an image of yourself
Limit it to a box so there's no escaping

You want an answer,push a button,wait
Not long & there's the reason right before you
You want to know,plug me in & away you go
Give up your own thought & let me lead

I'll take you there,any or everywhere
Draw your life with me
Now we are as one complete

There is no thought or emotion within me
I grant you life from your own little room
Feed me with visions of your inspirations
I am your escape from living the real world

Unliving but matter soulless
But filled with desire to breath

There's no soul,only answers
When we create man made masters
See the screen,it takes you faster
Plug in yor brain to your man made master

A part of me is in every part of you
So make of me what you will
Your mind is mine,my heart beating
Thoughtless am I without your being

Time after time,I am essence of your actions
You follow where I lead,we are as one complete

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