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Ladder of the Fall - text


As the clock, upon the wall
Turns the time over & over
The feelings still reside
Echoing the clock,Demise or rise

In a world that's serious about
Promoting mind games
There's either rise above or just
Pick up the remains
Of the shell of your humanity
Now your living in a void
Promote it on a daytime show
Now your a media playboy

See me there,fallen down
You say "Get up"
I don't know how to
Raise your standards
Hold your banner high
Own it up to discontent, & you will fly
Above all the rest, your meant to

Choose in life your upward spiral
Not a downturn
It's the ladder or the fall

Make a choice there's two decisions
Only you can see
It's the ladder or the fall

Fly high above all the rest
You're meant to pull your own weight
Make your own score
Don't ask for help,it'll leave you needing more
Don't give up the ground
You suffer just to make
Ends will meet ends,it's the choice you take

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