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Circuitboard Ministry - text


Travel,a new world is waiting
Out there,our plan's in the making
Move on,a time to discover
Stay the course,the futures forever now

So many roads we have taken
Have led to the same place
Some of our dreams are forsaken
But we still stand face to

Face,a frontier of doorways
Out of reach,in the black holes of emptiness
Follow,an agenda or master plan
Why do we make the choice when we don't understand
What we see before our very eyes
Molding an idea,man has chosen to conquer demise
Circuitboard ministry...

We look at the world with such patient eyes
We have our dreams
We are as one,when our thoughts combine
And from the past we push forwards
Building a thought from machines
We are the way,to processing future

Join us,join us won't you?
A soul separates from the will to combine
Be as one as one are we

Conform,for as one we are body
Molded together we shape the forever
A soul separates from the will to combine
We are as one molded together

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