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Spread the wings of darkness over bloody feasts of death
All the hellish maniacs arise to kill the world
They had made a promise that the satans regime is built
The deamons are godless but on the same step like him
They are serpants of Satan and they built a new regime
In the hell their home should be as they fall from heaven
And they raped all angels of the good society
No one could save the christians from the
they are dead meet in satans veins
they are the black hordes at the hunt for Jesus Christ
and they built all legions with the sadistic ghosts
They are the kings of the their hour
You can see their countenance
In the shadows of the master
Proud to fight unholyness
Creatures of the evil power
Thet should save the king of death
At the battle of the worlds end
A great armee of destruction built
We are forgotten angels
In heaven not resoect
God wants to fuck with us
But we destroy him
The serpants of death
Will arise in one night
And their legions come
To penetrade the world
See their eyes are from the darkside
Preachers of unholiness
The one's whod sworn to God the same pain
He had gave them formerly
Bylet a crylety king
Rides a darkened horse
Bringer of the pest and lies
And the bells of death
Bitru looks a leopard
He has wings of evil
All the wemon are in him
Chandelier and lust in pain
I guide the way of the unholy light
My dark desire is spread from the dead into night
Gomory will send you seven witches of the dark
Zaleos a mightfull count will soak your soul to death

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