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Dust Devils and Cosmic Storms - text

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Flashing holograms of artificial life
In the darkest corners of the very mind
Away this chemical institution of oblivion
Discarded memories veiled in confusion
Pictures in my head like fiction
Blending through the night-veiled kingdoms...
Gruesome revelations
Dust devils and cosmic storms spinning around my head
My particles accelerating, angels dust to burning winds of red
Face twisting and quantum erasing
Time particles accelerating
Pihelated spiral ways to Sirius
This is the ultimate versus terminus
Born of memory-projecting termination device
Supercharger if the planetary demise
Sweet and genocide dreams I see of a mankind
Like the cleansing rain...
Wash away to reign
The storm is breaking to change everything
The storm is invading... Erasing... Re-breeding
Dust devils and cosmic storms
Rapid eye movement deciphering the secret windows
Spark the endless leaps to unknown
Non-gravitational motion through the hidden kingdoms
Universe beyond expanding black holes
Like a perfect chaos of macrocosmic scales
Astronomical body's hidden gateways
Blazing like a vortex, across the brain
In layers of the cortex, peel off the pain

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