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Remember when we used to laugh where the summer grass would grow
Racing through the orange grooves, the ocean light reflecting in your eyes
But now you're so far from here, I hope this letter brings you near.
What we had in our California
I'm still here and I'm waiting for you, California
I remember starlight skies, where the palm trees tower high
Lay our backs down on the sand, watch the golden moonbeams orbit round
But we were so much younger then and I have weathered different seasons.
If I get back to California,
Until then I'll be thinking of you,
What we had in our California, California
I wish I would have known, that you're not coming back
But it's not that simple because I didn't want to hurt you
But you just left me in the cold without any warning
Well I'm a wife and mother now, that's the life that I am living.
And I can't go back to California
You say it's too late but I still adore you
No we can't go back but I'm thinking of you
But I can't let go of our California, California, California

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