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Ladies, tell us, are ya ready
Well, come on, yeah
Eenie, meenie, miney moe
Which one of y'all wanna go with me
To party, on friday, where it be, it's crazy
Get funny, spend money, so love, lean with me
You will see that I'm only tryin' to do my thing
Ain't tryin' to waste no time you see
So, whatcha sayin' to me
Hey, hey, whatcha say
(Whatcha say, whatcha say)
Hey, hey, whatcha say
(Do you want to party with me, yeah)
Hey, hey, whatcha say
(Hey yeah)
Hey, hey, whatcha say
(Whatcha say, whatcha say)
Everybody here, everybody there
Throw your hands in the air
(Throw your hands up, throw your hands up)
Keep it tight, all night, alright right, ok now
I'm gonna show ya how to get down
(Get down get down, get down get down)
Ain't no half steppin'
People in this place come on, now
Tell me whatcha say
Tonight is the night
When we make it so tight
I'll get down 'till the light
To all the girls and the boys
Now you make some noise
Don't be afraid to join
Oh, sing it
[Chorus 2xs]

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