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Takin' Me Over (feat. Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes) - text


Mya, oh Mya
Mya will you please come out the bathroom? (Oh)
Just put the brush down and walk away
Just say no! Will you come on?

It's going down
I can feel it
All around and I need it (yeah)
It's taking me where I love to be
(Uh-huh where I love to be)
So come on
Pack it in fill the room now (Uh)
Throw it up for the crew now
I close my eyes and touch the sky

See I don't mind
If people wanna look at me crazy (crazy)
It don't even phase me (phase me)
The feeling is making me high yeah

1 - I don't wanna stop
My body heat
Knocking me right off of my feet
Making me so high
I can't deny
The feeling's takin' me over
Over, over, over

Fellas where ya game at?
For the ladies that you aim at
Take a shot show 'em what you got
(Show her what'cha got)
So come on what'cha say
Ya better move it (uh-huh)
What'cha know?
Ya better use it (yeah)
Make a play before it slips away

See I can't wait
The second that I finish my business
Can I get a witness? (Amen!)
There's no better feeling than this

Now somebody has somebody got some explaining to do
Now why is it the club manager keeps sweatin' me?
Just cause I drove with a gang of about 23
Pack beyond capacity we all getting in free
It's straight to VIP nothing but heads grabbing on me
I'm a star so I start my tab at the bar
It's one of the benefits when everybody knows who you are
Like my car, valets salivate like it's a cookie jar
Just keep it up front fellas, don't take it too far
It's been since October, since the last time I was sober
Music's like a drug when it starts taking me over
I see Mya ain't fighting it she's on the dance floor
But it's all good cause we splittin' the cash from the door
Well fourteen bottles of Don P later
It's just me, Mya, the DJ, and the waiter
I go outside find my ride dented up like Now-Or-Laters
Almost cried, swallowed my pride and said
Peace you valet player hater

Okay people the party's over
Just return to your simple lives and forget

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