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I Am An Island - text

Some people are sick and other people pay to see
They same starving children are singing for the president
Some people are sad, and hang themselves on Christmas Trees
It's time to answer by chaos
Have you seen the TV ? Have you seen it well ?
Have you read the news ? Do you know them by heart ?
Did you know a man killed his own family ?
Have you seen what I don't wanna see ?
No hope for some change to come
No truth to learn, just learn to lie
If I don't kill myself, it's cause I've already left
Elsewhere, anywhere, nowhere
- I am an Island.
Everybody hurts, and everybody cries
It's not a song, it's just fucking reality
Have you felt this tears you would like to lick ?
You'd like to fuck cause your fucking se**** life is dead.
Would you like to rape ? Would you like to steal ?
Would you like to kill the guy who tells you what to do ?
Do you know the anger ? Do you know the hatred ?
Did you know the USA maintain the embargo ?
Nothing will change until me die
Have you seen the poles. Have you seen kyoto ?
Not even you can I ever change.
Have you seen the fate ? Have you seen.
I am an Island
Where lots have gone
Even me
My Own Private Alaska
I am an Island

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