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A Pale Shroud of Longing - text


I placed her steady, in front of me
And within her lips, she caved into me
And hold her fast I did
Lest she be swept from this earth

The sullen coast of her heart
The menace of her island
I know that I am unkind
I'm honoured, lover, that you still try

Her heart, careful and broken
She places its pieces below
And with the length of her whole body
Are shadows so very old

Her body was a belief
My kiss its dedication
A serpent this is she,
Whosescales release the ocean
Her weeping face, I hold in my hand
As her salutation

It's from her shadows
She took me, to cast asunder
Se that fears my presence
Loves me when I'm absent
The growing blindness of my soul
Sinking under

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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