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Each day we went through the motions
But you still lacked the emotions
Baby, you knew this wouldn't work
And they say arguing is good but
It's all the time for us so then what
Does that say about this
And whenever I tried to talk to you
You walked away
And it was hard to get it through to you
I felt dismay
I mean, were we even happy?
It was kinda hard to tell
Yeah, but I wasn't happy
But you couldn't even tell
And honestly when I'm with you
It isn't hard to see the truth
And I could tell you didn't care
One didn't need a sleuth
Yeah, but we weren't happy
And it wasn't hard to tell
Well, I wasn't happy
But I guess you couldn't tell
I'd like to think that I was good to you
And I would like to think that
I did everything I could for you
So hearing that I haven't
Has me actually haphazardly
Having these thoughts sporadically
Like I don't even know whats happening
You always seemed content
I mean you never did complain
I always thought that when you were with me
You couldn't feel no pain
But now I'm learning otherwise
And I just don't feel lied to
I know that it was me
And now I'm burning up inside too
Maybe I do feel cheated
Maybe a little mad
You acted happy in my arms but
Were you even really glad?
Did you even like those nights we'd spend alone together
Triple blanket cuddle sessions non-dependent on the weather?
Was I a burden to you?
You didn't use me
Then again i bought you lots of shit
And you'd amuse me
The happiness would show up then
You're hugging me with joy
Was that all that I was worth to you
A fucking Disney toy?
Now I'm stuck, now I'm stuck, now I'm stuck
Lost in hopeless love but its just my stupid luck
I've never even had a happy ending its all heartbreak
But i never seem to look back thinking that it was a mistake
I guess it kinda was
Because love is just good liquor
Gets you drunk without a buzz
And those nights when that shit happens
We don't look back with our pride
And I still will act the same here
With my heart all open wide
So you win
So it's over
So you it's done
But I got one more message
'Fore you take your shit and run
You can tell them all about this
And I just don't give a shit
But you lie about the circumstances
In the end I kinda win

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