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Step one life has finally begun
Step two every step will be new
As I step out let 'em all see me
Looking all dreamy
Taking my stand

Step By
Step by
Step by

Step three Boq will finally love me
Step four he'll love Glinda no more
She can step aside
The moment he sees
He'll fall to his knees
And beg for my hand

Step by
Step by
Step kick

For those who used to ignore me
Step kick
For those who felt sorry for me
Step kick

Here comes a change in weather
Huddle together
I predict stormy

Step five
Look who's finally alive
Step six
Look who's got her own tricks

Watch me
Step aside
Into a new land
Munchkins will rule and Boq in my thrall

Who cares if they call me a witch
Call me a beast
Call me the Wicked Witch of the East

'Cause step by
Step by
Step by
Step by
Step by
Step by

I'll have it all

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