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Well it's easy for me to be true, depend on me
I'll always be faithful to you, honey just you wait and see
I'll never have a rovin' eye, and my love for you will never die
And honey here's the reason why you're easy to love
You made me happy as I could be, I'm satisfied
I hope you're just as happy with me you know how much I've really tried
And here's another thing for you to know,
My love for you is going to grow
And every day I'm going to show you're easy to love
It makes me oh so proud just to be with you
And it's a mighty good feeling to know you feel the same way too
Well you've answered every one of my dreams, they're all come true
The world's a better place it seems may be since I met you
And here's another thing I'd like to say,
Thanks so much for lovin' me this way
And promise me you'll always say so easy to love
And promise me you'll always say so easy to love

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Anne Murray / Glen Campbell

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