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A Stranger In My Place - text

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I see the town
Where we were born
I see the place
We were raised
I see all the things you wanted
That I never gave
I see sadness
I see sorrow
I see pain in your face
But I just can't see
A stranger in my place
I can see now
Where we quarrelled
I can see now I was wrong
I can see where you might weaken
When I wasn't strong
I see mem'ries of a love gone bad
That time cannot erase
But I just can't see
A stranger in my place
No one seems to know you quite like I do
No one knows the things
That make you cry
Looking back it seems
I never showed you
And now I lay alone
And wonder why
I can see now
Where you might grow tired of dreams
That don't come true
I can see where
I have fallen short
Of the things I promised you
I can see now through
My tear filled eyes no love on your face
But I just can't see a stranger in my place

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