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Sitting and Counting - text


Who's better than you, gettin' the better of me?
Oh, now I say this is how it's gonna be
I adore you, your so many fantasies come true
They say you get what you wish for, I did a lot of wishing
I never dreamed, I never dared for that
In fact, I believed my fantasies
Too complex, too bold

Sittin' on a town
Counting the ways to fade
Oh, just sittin' around
Counting the ways to fade away
Sittin' on a town
Counting the waves rolling in
Sittin' around
Preaching here that

We have absolutely no excuse
We may let it all pass by
We have lingered on our goodbye
We will be there when love dies

Hold on
At least to a thread of it
It's not all gone
Hold on
I gave you the rest of it
It's not all wrong

You can go from very right to very wrong

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