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Don't you try running away
I shall seek you out
I'm back into action tonight
Don't beg me for mercy
it's the government
has sent me out to exterminate
Oooh! Now your face is to fall
look what I've got. Licence to kill
Oooh! Now your race is to fall
hunting you mutants is what I enjoy
I don't kno could be
what I've decided
is a mistake. Makes no odds
in this war we take
no prisoners
Many innocents will be killed
Oooh! you'll be slaughtered like rats.
None of your powers can save you now.
Oooh! the decision is made
and evolution will take a step back.
Mutant hunter under the law (bis)
Mutant hunter on the job (bis)
ain't a lost to go
this is where my plan
is put into operayion
for their ambition 'cause they trsted me
I'll strike them the ultimate blow
Oooh! My treason has worked
no more mutants. Only me left.
Oooh! My patience ran out
now I'm the master of the human race.
Mutant hunter under the law
Mutant hunter on the job.

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Mutant Hunter


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