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You can see the pain in her eyes
but you have to do it gain
the heat of the blood in your hands
makes you shiver and makes you shake.
Blood stanned streets, a cut of knife
shall never be back again.
You're confused too late to repent
bury your anger bury your dead
but I'm gonna catch you
I'm gonna send you to hell
you'll never be able to have
another story to tell.
It's never too late.
Do it.
Agsin and again.
Sometimes you just don't know what to do
when the beast turns up to a man.
Now you cried 'cause you know what you did
your nasty tears won't bring them back.
It's never too late.
Do it
again and again.
I know you're looking at me
this time you won't have a chance
we're face to face
I'm gonna get you
I'm gonna send you to hell.
It's never too late.
Do it
again and again

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