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Midnight Ghost - text


The midnight ghost is roaring on its way
Goes through California up to Oakland and the bay
My traveling can be lonesome but I'm happy 'cause I'm bound
For the bright lights and the harbor of Euges Town

I came from Carolina through [unverified]
Whisked through Arizona, Texas and New Mexico
I have no need of friendship 'cause I have no need of pain
All I need is for to ride that ghost again

I've tried so long to be what the world expects of me
But I'm by this cravings to be free

The light reveals
But I've got everything I want on the midnight ghost

The station masters flashlight is sweeping low and wide
Seeking out the stragglers trying to hitch a free ride
I know these wound out rail yards like I know my sun-cracked face
And I slip on board as the zipper gathers pace

I got no lover, I have no kid, no kin
Waiting on this engine rolling in
No my only friends and help means
Since we tear on up the coast
Are some red wine and the rattle of the midnight ghost

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