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I met Annie Ford out on the Great West road,
soaking through and thumbing for a ride.
She sat there on her suitcase in her dancing dress.
I would've been a fool to pass her by.

And as we sped accross the night
We told our stories by the light
Of the stars that lead us home
Each time we strayed.
Me and Annie talked till dawn,
when we reached her old man's farm.
And I said so long; guess I'll be on my way.
I started meeting Annie by the old sawmill,
wasting time and drinking in the day.
Courting her was easy with her smile like that.
Loving her was easy in the night.

Well, me and Annie set a date,
and had a wedding in the spring.
Man, you should've heard that old church choir sing.
It didn't take us very long,
'till the baby came along.
Well we named him Tom and settled into life.

But at night death came around,
and Annie left without a sound.

But the trouble with this life, is it doesn't last so long
And your love can be divided overnight.

Now it's only me and Tom
Now our wife and mother's gone
Well I told the Lord ' I just don't think it's right'

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