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Going down the open road
To find where I belong
Can't resist the call is much too strong
They're waking up the memories
The shadows are on the wall
Stirring up the mess inside my soul

[Chorus 1:]
We can get it together
You can catch my fall
I can take you higher
Stand above it all

[Chorus 2:]
You can help me through these lonely days
You can take me through the night
You can help me past these lonely ways
You can take me through the night
Take you through the emptiness
And give you something real
Make it past the loneliness you feel
But I'm talking to the walls tonight
I'm waiting by the phone
Call before my heart has turned to stone

[Chorus 1]
[Chorus 2]

When the black clouds come and steal the light
You can take me through the night

I'm running through the open fields
I'm lost inside a dream
Drifting like a ship out on the sea
And I'm reaching out with open arms
I'm on the shifting sands
Hoping I can find a second chance

[Chorus 1]
[Chorus 2 2x]

You can help me
You can help me
You can take me through the night

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Written in the Sand

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