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Why can't you hear the rain approaching?
You won't make it inside
The storm is raging all around you
Look what it's all come down to

Always telling lies
You've got so far to go

Comin' on just like the fools before you
Why can't you be yourself?
Words that you say
A mere reflection of your heart
And I see through the mirror

Drifting through the seasons
Destiny is clear
Smell the timber burning
And the ringing in your ears
Time is truly wastin'
There's no hope for you

You claim you've had it all but lost it
Living a fantasy
Spend the years awaiting lost horizons
You're lost and that's the whole truth

Words that you say
I see them through the mirror
Words that you say
A mere reflection of your heart
Words that you say
Words that you say

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Be Aware of Scorpions

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