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Against the current - text


So they say
”There are other fishes in the sea”,
But the only one that´s missing
Is the one that swims for me.
And so you say,
"Oh dear just wait patiently,
Love will come along, eventually"

So I tried to swim against the current
To live my life and let me be
So don´t cast me a line
´cause I´ve run out of time
To live a lie

I can´t deny
You´ve hooked me so deep again
With your smart and witty lines
You have soiled my disguise
And then the waves
Oh the waves they come crashing down
When I see the look in your eyes
When you´re watching her walk by

"If you´re looking to fit in then join the rest
´Cause you know you´ll only end up second best",
They said

If you want to swim along the current
Then act and speak the way we do
You may be untrue
But if you´d rather be us
Then why be you?

What a beautiful lie, to live (x3)

So I´ve learned to swim against the current
To live my life and now I´m free
Because honestly,
There´s no one else I´d rather be
So watch me leave

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Video přidal Bohususlav23

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