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It could be me
could you find
a reason to find
any other?

Fall is near
October is the month
I swore you in
And I can't say
I don't feel any sympathy

I feel you
deeper when you're further from my arms
And it burns inside my heart

So, "come home", she says to me
everything, everything that I could say
won't change that or anything
I chose a way and I can't take it back
But your face, I have in my head
is what keeps me from loosing my steps
And it's your voice, that tells me that I've got
a place to come home in the end

Yeah we are fortunate ones
but home is further from us
And this could mean more
than anything I've felt in me
Yeah we are fortunate ones

Text přidal Azazel-Andel

Video přidal Azazel-Andel

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