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I won't say it for
any reason at all
Just know
I can't explain the words
I fail to say

I can't drive another road
That doesn't guide me back home
Alone, someday I would say
I am all I am
I am all the same

Driving home to darkened streets
Please show yourself to me
And I fall down
to the rhythm of loosing you
And I still choose
the comfort in finding you

But you can't fail to see
anything but me
And the world that we make
when it falls into place
I think it's fair to say
that we have both seen better days
And I can't seem to be
anything but me
And a fool to myself
I got no one else
I think it's fair to say
that we have both seen better days

Well I hope
that you know
that I can't
feel a thing
From this high
that I've got
but everything is burning up
inside my heart

I swear that I'm finally taking
my words that are bruised and broken
To places I've never spoken
way down, way down

(Well I hope)
I swear that I'm shifting forward
(that you know)
and I'll try to provide it all for you
(that I can't)
For reasons I've never spoken
(feel a thing)
way down
way down

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