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My life is a black and white film
There's nowhere to escape
No cut scenes where I can hide my shame.
Stereotypical situations and heartbreaking conversations
that we all know too well.

Oh well.

I just want to see the difference
I just need to get out
Prove to myself I've got more to offer than this self-doubt.
But the reel keeps on running.
I wish my legs could do the same.

Where has the time gone?
Where have I been?
Where has my life gone?
Where have I been?

I'm nothing more than ordinary
I'm nothing.
And I'm sick of letting my surroundings get the best of me.
I'm sick of letting other people control my honesty.

Stifled in a cloud of fear,
Can't fill my lungs, I'm barely breathing
Sick and tired of the weather here,
Can't hear my thoughts,
My mind is screaming.

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