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Ocean Roar - text


One voice heard low (One chance out)
Across the water (Between two worlds)
Through ocean roar (Walk with me)
Lost in thought
The mind wandering again
Drifting west over the hills (Pulled out to sea)
Sitting in the car
After the music stopped abrupt
We arrived in the dark
Lost and disoriented (Through a dark
(Stretch of trees) As the car cooled down
The sound of waves rose and blanketed (The roar of the beach)
Our minds grew into a vast night air (Calling)
We made beds in the ditch
The loud breath of surf
Exhaling and constant (I thought I heard)
Sleeping on the wet ground (Some voice returning)
In a dream, I swim
(I thought I heard some voice returning)
Out past waves rolling
Broad deep sky

Text přidal Sigur

Videa přidal Sigur

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