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Lost Wisdom Pt. 2 - text


I think the screaming wind said my name
Significance found in rocks
Then the mountain slowly blowing
And the river
Lost Wisdom returns
And the sound of the river sighing
"Here's your home."

Under the ashes, waking up
And blue dusk slowly revealing
Seeing the moon in the middle of the day
The gleaming stone
Cuts streams; I've been living, sleeping

Now the world is flaming
Or is it clouds rising through the trees on the ridge?
I know the world is a flaming house
And what I hold
I will be grieving
And Lost Wisdom returns
Watching dust dancing
Living a long life, growing towards form
Awareness persistently fleeting
And the song that cuts through the fog sometimes
Is lost in rainy evenings

Wrapped in fog
In the depths of the house
I followed a sound further in
And I saw you

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