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Just James - text


I'm not one to make excuses
I'm not one to put the blame on others
I'm not one to take the easy way out
I'm just a man trying to do the best I can

The greatest commandment is to love one another
And even more love the Lord even better
But when it's all said and done
And when a rainy day comes
Take my hand and understand
I'm human

I keep thinkin' bout
Where I went wrong
It's keeping me awake at night all alone
But what I realized
Underaneath all of us are really just the same
I'm just james

I lived another day to tell somebody
If you're in trouble we can pray about it
And I don't even need to know what happened
But since I love you I can feel your sadness
I'm witness God can set you free
Because I remember what He did for me
When it's all said and done
And your rainy day comes
I'll take your hand and understand that you're human

[Chorus x2]

JAMES [repeat]

JESUS [repeat]


He's working on me [repeat]

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