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Sharp as a knife Hard to survive
Day by day It's a Viking's Life

All seeing eye, they lie, you all die
Black helicopters in the sky, I against I
Deny everything, rat king
Cops are the spawns of hell under the black wing
Who got the bling, who serves the time
Who walk the line, decline, cloud nine
Slaves to the swine gonna break your spine
You better keep your mouth shut, never dare to shine
Never blink when I murder politicians
My blood stays cold when the hammer launches verbal ammunition
I'm on a mission a Makarov gun in each sleeve
We are happy trigger finger killers
Eat eight cans of pills like Max Payne
Twitchy eye lids, random processes in the brain
Bring the pain! No matter the amount of Penicillin
Dose of raw adrenaline sends you jumping to the ceiling

Tear gas, victims, terrorist win
They try to cover up but the ice of lies is too thin
Eyes full of sin, what lies within
Flesh of a vile reptile under the human skin
Race and religion, crime rate, hate, too late
You got betrayed, can't wait, incinerate the state
Manipulate your fate, another war
To feed the greedy womb of the Babylon whore
Blast from the past, the best, manifest
In oppressed masses, I digress
to catch a better flow, soulless moles, Victory Flawless
Cyrax's cyber net slicing your flesh
Feelings suppressed by a less important
Message, in the age of controlled information
Degeneration of generations
Schemes instigate the clash of the nations

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