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I say “Prove them” You say “Wrong”
I say “Prove them” You say “Wrong”
I say “Prove them” You say “Wrong”
Me, you and the crew Gonna prove them wrong
"You’ll never win, never reach your dream" they say
Cause every looser, web-cruiser wants you to have the same name
The shame ate their brain, you got a life to reclaim
Aim to take the game and you’re always to blame
Land to tame don’t waste your time in vain
It won’t wait, out of date and you lost the train
Don’t hang about, stay proud, it is time to train
And send those in doubt to the house of Pain
Their lips flop, eyes pop, tongues are ready to kill
But nothing can stop the unbreakable will
It’s not what they say it is how you feel
You’re here to stay, make them pay, demonstrate who is real
Bomb’s gonna blow they got slapped by the bear paw
You bastards are eating dust once again tell me what for
Cut off their tongues, break the long arm of the law
Cutting like a plow with our flow, one-two-go

It’s a world full of hate, life on a plate, mate
Set it straight, your fate is controlled by the state
It’s a bait, Dead weight if you do the wrong move
Wait, me and you got something to prove
The scene that we built, it can never be killed
Blood spilled, not in vain, our aim fulfilled
Surrounded by enemies we still stay chill
Cause our forces worldwide are united and skilled
Kids of all religions and the color of skin
Your intentions are clean so you are welcome in
More bands, more friends, international scene
We proved the fuckers wrong If you know what I mean
What’s this about? If you doubt I say it loud - Listen
Me and you can cross out their racist system
Stay proud, don’t follow the crowd, diss'em
They are sold out, grinded out, nullified victims

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