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Hey Ho Let's Go we're not dead yet no
Murderous flows from the lows of the skid rows
Heavy payloads on the enemies lines below
Exterminate the foe heavy metal outlaw
Loud on the road, across the ocean, it's on
Dark Brotherhood slams a spade between shoulder blades
Infamous Death Brigade

Bear claw slash - no need for a Band Aid
Hack into failsafe, off scale brain waves,
Campaign breeds fake hate, abstain
Drink blood from your vein, drain dry like lice
In your hair - don't want to be a slave
Babylon bloodclots, full front assault
International murder squad, fury untold
Hemorrhage in your brain, that is caused by the rage
At the enemy who never really been a threat.

M! Check the skill you have to Master
D! We are the prophets of the Disaster
B! Blast'em! Bite the dust, bastard
Faster, Here we go - Ghettoblaster

The most underground shit I represent
With a mic in my hand here I stand
You better understand Obey no command It’s a trend
Just two of us will fuck up your pathetic band
Hated, most underrated, debated
Monster we created, breath bated
My shit’s awaited, yours - outdated
Platinum plated rhymes, you’d better hate it
Hated by many, loved by few

I never knew you, screw you, your crew and your band too
Did you get the clue? They tried to hide the light
The white’s turning black and the black’s turning white
Do you feel alright? Someone’s gonna die tonight
Never surrender, Criminal Damage, Razors in the Night
Another life to live, you got no right to give
Rat race in a maze - no ways to leave

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