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Boltcutter, boltcutter, we're from the same gutter
We came to bring the pain - out to gut them
Cut metal like butter, skeleton key in my backpack
Boltcutter goes Click-Clack

Keep calm, please, back down, shed no tear
I’ve got the keys from your city right here
I’ve got the keys from you train lay up right here
Strike in the night and then we disappear
Like a buccaneer I bring the fear to your shore
We gonna rip and tear like you’ve never seen before
Oh, ready for battle to settle the score
We want more, just like Dora we explore
We’re the true players we bring the crew with us
Looters, solicitors, bottom feeders
Never ever looking back - no rest for the sinners
Ski mask, urban Olympics - we’re the winners
Who beat up your Nazis? Who steal your jobs?
Who paint your trains, who pump up your clubs
Run from your cops, make them really heavy bass-drops
Get all the props, who’s that? That’s us!

Boltcutter cuts through the bone,
Hate speech, lies, PC-farce. Boltcutter represents where I'm from
The truth for the youth with a microphone
Against the boneheads, fanatics and xenophobes
I'm not a backpacker but I’ve got a back pack
Full of spray cans, spare track suit and a ski mask
All-city, vandal squad, no one asked your opinion
Feeling like you're being too obedient
Bend it out, bend it in, break open the steel bars
As far as you can see fabricated cases are widespread
Youth jailed for exaggerated crimes
Generation of degeneration - blood runs dry
Pry out the fences reinforced barbed wire
Retire inhumane conditions of animals worldwide
Boltcutter cuts cages open - let them out!
Poachers and illegal hunters - put them behind bars

I’ve got pounds of bountiful lyrics, loud and likable riddims
Pissing off critics, mushroom-brain Clickers and no-brain critters
Crispy rhymes too hard to comprehend and then my accent is bad and awful -
Straight Outta Moscow!
Preposterous, crass and boisterous.
Press your face against the glass, bass and vocals
Our fans are like locust
Bass-acid dropping Thrash Metal locos
They’ve got lots of torque, torches, scythes, sickles, hatchets and pitchforks

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Video přidal Vrabcak97

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