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Your Last Cradle - text

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I saw you in your bed in precarious conditions
There were no use but going on with
What you would have never wanted
Persons around you to judge your life
Moments of anxiety & terror,in your eyes
The visage of death have,already taken you,
Some gestures to let you be knowing but nothing can save you
Farewell,you salute is climbing the 7 floors,opening the 7 gates
It's death,It is death,you're the death
No,no,you told me different things,that I was out of danger
And now I see myself there,in the bed,among you
My body doesn't belong to me,look at me,I'm over your heads
I wander,searching for an abode,I'm not sure I'll rest in peace
Bit surelly I'll live beside you
I reached a place I don't know, it seems dwellt by...
What happens,I turn & see that I'm inside a dark place crowded by people,
There are those who committed evil & they're paying for that
Torn & suffering bodies stretch out the hand & ask for my help
Souls,they're souls,souls in great distress
No,nooo,this is not my place,I have never sinned in my life,
And now you stretch out your hand to receive me in the affliction's realm
No,I don't deserve this,Maybe you're doing a terrible mistake
I run away to another place & I'll wander until someone will show me where I can stop,
I'm not sure I'll rest in poeace,But surelly I'll live beside you
At last I arrive at the wisdom's door,I'm received by an big glare
I'm not scared because I feel it's the right place,
I don't beieve I deserve this but for once I'll be finally in peace
You cheated me,everything was false
I can't think that there will be other lies here
Fire will burn my body & my ashes will be scattered everywhere
Power of the magic of the dead,power of the non - living's world
I'm everywhere & even if I won't rest in peace
I'll be forever beside you...forever beside you...forever beside you
Laying down in the coffin with a suave expression,
I awit for your last salutation until my body leaves you forever
My image will remain forever in your memory
Blessed me...

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