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The wheel of changes played it's part
Correction order
All planes are completely faded
Soon will be spreaded the cabalistic race
The whole human race buried in time,looking behind
We can see the past splendour
The golden wheel will go on in darkness,silence of beatification
I'm praying for me,I'm flinged in unknown hidden
In a time over the time,my time will disappear
Worms will consume history,As it doesn't mean anything
Our death will be in the deep hollow of cosmic underworld...
Of cosmic underworld
Everything existing will disappear
Time doesn't know centuries & history
Buried in a deep grave,lost & forgotten
Onest indifference in front of a tombstone
That doesn't make me remembering anything
Looking in thousands terrible abysses
All fragmented points of view in chaos
Even my God is lost,in the infinite orizon
I & only I in front of me,it doesn't exist an answer
We'll never know if we're
Because there are no points of comparison
Screaming & laughing in silence,vision of colors in darkness
Width of mind is ran out,backwarded in numbers
Zero numbers one channel,black hole of destruction
Obliged passage to decompisition
We'll never know if were
Because there are no points of comparison

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Buried in Time


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