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Dancing round the burning fire.
Calling out the names of the dead.
Chanting all your dark desires,
As you stick your pins in my head.
Painted faces all around me.
Speak of things I can't understand.
Somebody's blood is on the ground.
My time is here, it is at hand.
Why do you use the old juju?
Why do you battle all them bones?
I'm telling you I'm not the one for you.
But still you throw the stones.
You Put A Hex On Me.
In the middle of a circle.
Sits the one to fear.
Maker of all miracles,
The one I won't go near.
It's the doctor that is blind,
But still he'll cast the spell.
Don't ever look into this evil mind,
Unless you want to see his hell.
Wicked laughter fills the air.
Everyone is laughing at me.
Can't escape his trancelike stare,
He wants me to be blind like he.
Needles, nails and broken glass,
Incantationsfrom the past.
I'm just a toy in this unholy mass,
Not the first nor will I be the last.

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