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Turn in Your Grave (Sacrifice cover) - text

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As i come at your door
I'll have you scream for more
I'll make you burn and bleed
But when i leave
You'll fucking scream your death is near
Taken by the force of me
You will never be set free
I'll make you turn and die
Buried to die forever
My soul is much too clever
I'll torment you endessly
Darkness surrounds you
There's no escape
As I torture you
Your mind is filled with hate
By the forces of evil
You are my slave
Turn in your grave
I'm on an endless search
Trying to escape the church, my heart is black
Look through my evil eyes
You'll see through all lies, be one with my soul
Fear my present state or it will be too late
I'll make you run and bleed
Buried to lie forever, my soul is much too clever
Torment you in fire

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