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Twilight Burns - text

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Eyes close slow as my strength fades away
I walk through the fields, there are stones in my way
My feet are sore, I feel pulsing pain
It happend before now it happens again
(I know) I can't stop death, that slowly arrives
My senses feel dead but I know I'm alive
All that I loved all I have lost
Silence that is louder then words
Shining like thunder
Twilight burns in my eyes (x2)
Horizon burns as the sun goes down
Nights kill days and months go by
All I create and every time I fail
Everyone I hurt, everything I hate
Confusion grows on and this time feels real
Blood feels cold when it drips from my veins
I wait with patience for the final hour
My body hurts but I know I can't cower
Shining like thunder
Twilight burns in my eyes (x2)
I fall on my knees, curse the sky
Every day I'm born, every day I die
All I have said all I was told
Nothing (nothing) brings me closer to home

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