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Trollkarlens Dikt - text

You the masterful Life gave me birth,
To me, hoping I'll bring the strengh to the Earth.

Past by the pyre, the tide of my sea of pleasure,
I offer you the sorcerer's poem.
Yielding to the fear, I'm losing any treasure (I have),
By my side, seeing a picture of hunting an omen.
Like I've never knew how could I do the magic,
I've no clue how to feel in a skin I live in – how tragic.

Well-nigh daily I face to aggrieved burgesses,
Giving em the hope in a sprauncy game.
Markedly, the same nature like the largess is,
The great desire is; not such a blame.

I cannot live this life anymore,
I want to get rid of this hell forevermore.

One day, I'll believe that magics are ruthless lies,
I'll sorely suffer this nasty fear, I'll disappear.
I wish I was a daring man with many of tries,
To prove the Life that I'm the one who have no fear.

Text přidala DennieDen

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