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The Hands of Hidden Evil - text

Thoughless lies burning my soul
Inpredictible skies couldn´t see through
Isolating myself far from whole world
Saving me from darkness of these times
Raising my ambition for the hope
Can´t see myself in broken mirror

Holding the truth
Until it dies
Our tears were unhearen
Lost in the lies

R: Isolated shadow
Taking back thoughts of mine
The hands of hidden evil
Never be so kind

Empty corpses, taking me down
To perditious temples
Two-faced perfection makes me mindless
Loosing my judgement, feeling blindness

Insane prophecies creates history of slavery
Holding the truth
Until it die
Our tears were unhearen
Lost in the lies

Text přidala DennieDen

Video přidala DennieDen

A Tale of Woe

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