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Closing Portrait - text

Bright days,
stolen from this place,
fading in forbidden universe.
Visions of life ran away,
bleeding out from throat.

Knives of godlike satanism,
must be broken.
Written in your spirit,
but never spoken.

Rise from veins of sacred blood.
Dealing with my pain,
breaking down the bounds.
Reveal lies,
encourage my mind.
They will cry for darkness which they’ve done

Shepherd mourns for his sheep,
grim wolf laughing at his grief.
Dark night comes down,
find light or die on ground.

Army of blessed daemons,
behind your crackling windows.
Scream of dying neighbours,
tearing out my ears.

Last hour is ticking,
evidence of delusion,
under the sea is waiting.

Depressed mountains,
crying over this bloody vale.
Time erase all this endings
into the ageless bale.

Text přidala DennieDen

A Tale of Woe

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