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Beyond The Pale - text

... searching for asylum
Wealth hidden inside
Surrounded by shapes of smoke
With no one by my side

Dingy in a wind
Stepping over the shades
Walking by the ground
City light in distance fades

Yesterday means pain
Story about confession
Thousandth in sequence
Desire for compassion

(whisper) …Last dove is crying…

R:Too weak to hear
Too loud to ignore
Too lifeless to touch
Still unable to smear!

Constelations mutually alike
Brings flare to the dusk
That beauty can’t see by day
Circle that makes you gast(ed)

Light from distant fire...
Outline hope of future
Smoke in eyes, reality coming
Last dove is crying

Void this excuse
It´s meaningless
Until you will find yourself
In piece of existence.

Text přidala DennieDen

A Tale of Woe

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