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The future is written
A dark prophecy
Telling the truth `bout tomorrow
Beyond the horizon
Of black moving clouds
Lies the fortune drained in sorrow
The world's turning further
Damnation is near
Facing the signs in the sunrise
Today or tomorrow
We'll burn in its ray
Judgement day is coming closer
Hear my prayer!
As time goes by
Right before my eyes
A world will die
In curse of the future signs
The time's moving faster
A clock strikes from hell
Mephisto's risen to bring madness
Watching the signs
On the dark moving clouds
Mephisto's turned us into sadness
The world's turning further...
As time goes by...
Signs in the sky
Has cursed each soul to die
Lost to be found
In the afterlife on distant ground
Mephisto is calling -
A fatal deadly warning
Mephisto is calling -
Behold...The world's now falling down!

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