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The Rising - text


A quest for new world order
A better time and place
Somewhere the paths are broader
An end to disgrace

A quest for new world order
Will rise for all to see
Once we have crossed the border
We'll be set free

Through the rubble of ages, all victims look the same
Resignation on their face, no one there to blame

The flame of contempt is growing
Heed the calling


Who's controlling the one, controlling you?
Are you so sure you're not controlling someone you too

We'll tear down this power structure
Heed the calling


What once has been will come again
The dream of a better life
And end to all mischief and strife

The walls they've built will come crumbling down
The chains are about to fall
A new day will dawn on us all

A quest for new world order
Will rise for all to see
Will rise for all to see

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