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Parallels - text


Look through the mist of ages
Gaze through the turbulence of years
Where are your hopes, where are your fears

The thoughts of those before us
Repeating still in our dreams
Right through our conscious selves they stream

Are you free from your future or past?
Does this world spin too fast?

Time will tell - What we have learned from history
Time will tell - Where we're to go
Parallels - Are we a part of the mystery?
A parallel to all eons that's been and all still to come

When every words been spoken
When every thought's been thought before
You're never lonesome anymore

Who does uphold the present?
Don't stop to think, don't cease to care
A burden we all have to bear

Shimmering through an oblivious haze
Where each soul leaves a trace


Solo: R. Arnell

See this tale through before it's too late
Does it mirror your fate?


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