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Panopticon - text


It's all getting clearer now
I can see the chains that hold us down
A dimension once lost has now been found

Minds are moulded into place
Propaganda, never question why
Controlled from birth until you die

Get your SOMA dose, you'll feel at ease
The nation on its knees
And the ever present eye reveals
The one's who dare defy...

PANOPTICON - The Superior sees you
Recording your every move
PANOPTICON - Beware what you say or do
The screen controls your ways
Watches on its prey
Night and day
A survey of your faith
Surrender your will to the state

I remember how it began
Just by words of hope they tamed the land
The economy flourished, a pace well planned

The circulation of SOMA grew
Distributed as a calming cure
But once you were caught you would need more

In a blinding haze we lost our aim
Work our lives away
And the ever present eye betrays
The ones who dare defy...


Solo: J. Johansson


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