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Every night I fly into the sky and cry
Let it rain down on everyone below
And as the tears hit her head
She says, "I'm better off dead"
But instead she falls into a bar
And she orders a drink
Until her breath starts to stink
And she calls up an old friend
Just to see what they think
And they say, "Put down the phone
Oh, just get yourself home
Leave it alone, dear"
She says, "I get too scared
And I’ll accept any death
I just care and that's my problem"
And I want to be clean
No, I don't want to be mean
Or break anybody’s heart
And every flower, oh, has the power
To change a life of a man or a woman with its color
And every plant, mmm, just wants to dance
In the warm breeze you can hear it say "please"
And every car or machine has a motor
And you really turn mine on
And you turn my, my motor over
And everybody, oh my god, in this town
Thinks it's real, fat and funny
Oh, that I'm still around
And, oh, my wild flower
Don't you know you hold the power?
And you put our lives in danger
Just to think one day we were just strangers
Oh, how I've ruined you
And, oh, how you've ruined me too
And I want to be clean
No, I don't want to be mean
Or break anybody's heart

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